Can An Engineer Change The World?
A General died, and was greeted by St. Peter at the gateway to Heaven. In conversing with St. Peter, the General asked, 'Who was the greatest warrior of all time?' ...Click here to read more

St. Peter walked the General along an alley filled with famous warriors – they passed by Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Spartacus and many others. Finally, the General is introduced to Anthony Morse, who, according to St. Peter was the greatest warrior of all time. A somewhat confused and embarrassed General said that he had never heard of the great Anthony Morse. “What battles did he win?” To this, St. Peter responded that he was the greatest warrior of all time, but when he lived, there were no great wars or great battles to be won.

Perhaps you are a great design engineer, or a team leader, and are well versed in the field of design and development of internal combustion engines; perhaps, you might even have the drive and desire to change the world. But does your company present you with a “Great War” to fight? Or are you spending time making 1% improvements in one of a sliver of the hundreds of engine sub-assemblies?

Our company – LiquidPiston, Inc. – is a venture capital backed startup company whose revolutionary new rotary diesel combustion engine has the potential to eliminate our country’s dependency on foreign oil as well as dramatically lower our carbon footprint for environmental sustainability.

We will give you a “Great War” and a chance to leave your mark in history.

From its roots at MIT, LiquidPiston, Inc., located in Bloomfield, CT has developed a prototype engine based on a revolutionary thermodynamic cycle that offers unprecedented fuel efficiency, inherently quiet operation, and best in class power-to-weight ratio. Our multi-disciplinary engineering and scientific team has great experience in designing internal combustion engines. We use tools like Solidworks to design and FEA parts; GT-Power and Converge for modeling; Matlab and Labview for data processing and acquisition; materials and manufacturing methods are carefully selected while working with a network of suppliers; we maintain a complete in-house CNC shop, as well as two AC motoring dynos to support testing and development; we understand thermodynamics of diesel engines and how they work and how to optimize the design and performance. We are enjoying engineering and technical challenges – we have a mix of youth and experience in the team, but above all we maintain an open mind to new ideas and “can do” attitude to back up the ideas with solid engineering.


Please check our open positions below. If you would like to apply, please email your resume and completed Screening Questions (in any format you choose) to

Sr. Test Engineer

LiquidPiston is seeking a detail-oriented and creative Sr. Test Engineer to assist in development of our rotary IC engines.

As Sr. Test Engineer you will:

  • Design, develop, operate, and maintain testing systems in conjunction with the engine dynamometer / test cells
  • Oversee engine assembly processes, direct a technician, participate in hands-on assembly as necessary
  • Maintain database of component inventory, build logs, hardware run times
  • Debug mechanical, electrical, and software problems
  • Calibrate diesel and gasoline engine controllers
  • Write Matlab code to post-process data
  • Modify LabView/Drivven code as necessary to assist in engine control and data acquisition
  • Create/support standardized company procedures related to engine testing
  • Present data and conclusions to management
  • Assist with conceptualizing, designing, and building test rigs as needed to diagnose engine components and assemblies
  • Invent/generate ideas to improve performance of engine components and systems
  • Oversee and/or work with technicians, interns, and junior engineers on testing, analysis, and design projects 



  • BS or higher in Mechanical Engineering
  • Strong understanding of engine efficiency
  • 3 years of professional experience with engine testing and/or calibration
  • Expertise with Matlab
  • Strong understanding of data acquisition and sensors specific to engine testing
  • Ability to maintain enthusiasm, work ethic, and open mind through challenging projects that often fail

Helpful Skills:

  • Experience with advanced rotary and piston engine technologies (exhaust gas recirculation, Miller cycle, HCCI, etc.)
  • Professional experience with camshafts, bearings, gears, high-speed machinery
  • Good communication and proposal writing skills.
  • Experience working in a machine shop/prototype environment

LiquidPiston, Inc. is an MIT rooted R&D company poised to transform ten years of breakthrough thermodynamics research into the world’s most efficient rotary engine. With a fundamental design that scales from lawnmowers, to locomotives, LiquidPiston has the potential to add fifty years to the life of the internal combustion engine industry in a resource-constrained world.

If interested, please, send your resume to

Intern - Engine Development
LiquidPiston is hiring interns! Get a step up in your career by gaining broad exposure to an intense program featuring design, development, and testing of our novel rotary engine design.


As an Engine Development Intern, you will work with Liquid Piston's engineering team in an R&D program aimed to bring a breakthrough rotary engine design to life. Typical work will include the following:
  • Create and modify models in SolidWorks
  • Perform FEA and CFD analysis
  • Produce detailed shop ready drawings
  • Communicate with machine shops
  • Fabricate engine and test bench parts
  • Specify and procure off-the-shelf components
  • Participate in the hands-on assembly of prototype engines
  • Conduct engine dynamometer tests
  • Set up and maintain data acquisition equipment
  • Document results through standardized technical reports
  • Participate in weekly technical meetings
  • On track for BS, Master's, or PHD in Mechanical Engineering
  • Demonstrated interest in high performance engines (professionally or not)
  • Specific design experience with SolidWorks
  • Ability to work well in a small team environment, but also solve problems and learn independently
  • Solid understanding of Mechanical Engineering basics, emphasis on Thermodynamics, Design, or Manufacturing
Helpful Skills:
  • Experience with GT Power, Converge, ANSYS, Labview, MatLab
  • Experience setting up and running Mechanical/Thermal FEA studies
  • Experience working in a machine shop
  • Prior professional experience in R&D
Office Manager

LiquidPiston, a combustion engine technology start-up, is looking to hire an Office Manager in its Bloomfield Office. The Office Manager will be responsible for keeping the office on track and organized, bookkeeping, operations support, and will provide direct support to the firm’s top executives. The ideal candidate for this Office Manager role will be high energy, motivated, and will understand the vital importance of exceeding expectations. If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit a cover letter and a copy of your resume today.


  • Representing the company by being the first point-of-contact for incoming visitors and answering the phone
  • Keeping the office running smoothly, including taking inventory of office and IT supplies, placing orders when needed
  • Support engineering operations:  issuing purchase orders, bills / checks, maintaining insurance and other overhead
  • Coordinating internal events for employees, as well as supporting external meetings with investors and customers
  • Overseeing building and facilities management to ensure everything is running smoothly
  • Assisting with administrative support to C-level executives, including expense reports and travel arrangements, scheduling
  • Supporting the onboarding process for new hires
  • Bookkeeping with QuickBooks software;  financial reporting while working closely with our accountant; tracking payables and reconciling bank statements.
  • Assisting engineers in some of their ordering needs, supplies, Purchase orders, understanding vendor packing slips
  • Managing records and files

Qualifications  (MUST HAVE):
  • Proficiency with QuickBooks and Microsoft Office
  • Strong prioritization and time management skills
  • Able to thrive in a fast-paced and growing environment
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience working in a similar role for at least 5 years

While not strictly necessary, it would also be very helpful if you have:
  • Operations experience
  • Startup experience (you understand the difference between stock and options;  you've been through financing rounds;  you've helped put together due diligence materials for investors)
  • You've worked in a small team environment
  • You have a background in or good understanding of Human Resources, including policies and basic knowledge of employment laws (advising management on best practices in hiring and firing, for example).
Salary will vary based on experience