About Us

Based in Bloomfield, CT, LiquidPiston develops compact, powerful, quiet, efficient, low-vibration, multi-fuel capable combustion engines that are scalable from 1HP to over 1000 HP.

IP Portfolio

LiquidPiston has comprehensive patent coverage that includes the novel HEHC thermodynamic cycle, engines that embody the cycle, and enabling technologies.


Located in Bloomfield, CT, in a 6000 sq. foot space, LiquidPiston maintains state-of-the-art laboratory facilities dedicated to developing and testing engines and supporting components. LiquidPiston has workstation computers with software for engineering and modeling engine systems, and has built two fully equipped dynamometer/test cells and laboratory test setups with instrumentation. LiquidPiston also has a machine shop with CNC machining and assembly capabilities.



Developing the power-dense, near-zero vibration, quiet X Mini, 70cc gasoline powered rotary four-stroke engine.


Built working, firing 70 and 40 HP diesel engines, model “X,” that demonstrated the capability of engine architecture and thermodynamic cycle


Invented and designed a new engine architecture, model "X," that embodies the HEHC cycle


Built firing 20 HP diesel engine prototype, and what may be the world’s first naturally-aspirated rotary diesel engine


Received small business innovation research (SBIR) grant from Army

Received first venture funding. Key investors include: Northwater Capital and Adams Capital Management


Awarded top three winner prize in MIT’s entrepreneurship business plan competition (now called the $100K entrepreneurship competition)


Dr. Nikolay Shkolnik and Dr. Alexander Shkolnik invented the innovative HEHC thermodynamic cycle and initial engine designs that embody the cycle