Order the X Mini Development Kit

Limited quantities of development kits, which include a custom billet machined X-mini prototype engine, are being made available to select development partners. Starting at $30,000.

Engine is for evaluation / research purposes only. The engine is not emissions tested or certified. No warranty is given or implied. The engine is not for resale without permission from the company. The purchaser agrees not to reverse-engineer the engine. The purchaser agrees that any intellectual property that results of any development on the engine will belong jointly to LiquidPiston. The purchaser will promptly notify LiquidPiston of potential developments / IP that apply in the engine, and will work with LiquidPiston to secure this IP.

The times quoted and specifications quoted are best available estimates, and LiquidPiston will make a best effort to meet or exceed these times and specifications.

The engine is being supplied for evaluation, and potential application integration / testing. If it is valuable for LiquidPiston to assist, we will be happy to help on an as-available consulting basis, under mutually agreed to terms.

Download the X Mini Development Kit quote sheet

To place an order, please submit the following information. A representative will contact you for payment and delivery information.